We love to travel but in our attempts to see the world, we sometimes do more harm than good. Sustainable travel is finding a way to maintain tourism long-term without harming the natural and cultural environment of the places that we travel to.

Sustainable travel begins long before we reach our destination. It’s about making smarter choices in every aspect of planning an upcoming vacation, from transportation and accommodations to seeking out local experiences and being conscious of where you “invest” your tourism dollars.

We work with travel partners who are working hard to make a meaningful change towards normalizing sustainable practices across the travel industry.

It’s not as hard as you think to reduce your impact, support local economies and preserve nature while traveling.

Here are just a few examples of small changes that you can make to be a more sustainable traveler:

Instead of this:

  • A swim with the dolphins excursion
  • Booking a flight with 2 stops
  • Traveling during high season

Do this:

  • Visit an animal sanctuary that rehabilitates animals for release
  • Book a direct flight to lessen carbon emissions
  • Travel off-season to lessen the strain on destination resources

We’d love to show you how you can travel more sustainably on your next vacation.

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