A lot of information has been published over the years on how to stay safe while traveling but did you know that there are things that you can do at home before you leave that are just as important?

Here are our Top 5 tips to keep you safe and healthy while traveling that can be completed before you leave!

#5. Visit your family doctor or a travel health clinic at least 6 weeks before your trip departure date

Let them know the destination(s) that you will be visiting so they can provide recommendations for any vaccinations and other preventative medications for illnesses such as malaria or gastrointestinal viruses.

#4. Make a photocopy of your passport, medical insurance card and your detailed travel itinerary

Review this information with and leave a copy for someone back at home who is not traveling with you. In case documents are lost or stolen while traveling, they will have an extra copy to help with getting replacements if needed.

#3. Research the contact information for the nearest Canadian Embassy of the destination(s) that you are visiting before you leave

Bring the address, phone number, email address and social media information with you on the trip for quick and easy access in case you need it. For a list of Canadian Embassies, visit the Canadian Government travel website.

#2. Sign up for the Registration of Canadians Abroad service

It’s free and is a great way to be kept informed of important information before or during your travels in case of a natural disaster or civil unrest. You can sign up at here. You can also download the Travel Smart app available on the same website.

#1. Purchase the best travel insurance that you can afford for the trip

In the event of a medical emergency, the insurance company will be your first point of contact. They will be able to direct you to a medical facility in the area, make arrangements for payment and work with the medical team in destination to ensure that you receive the best care possible.

Wherever your next travel adventure takes you… Stay Safe and Happy Travels!

BonnieBonnie Gundert, CTC, is a TICO Certified Travel Consultant and Owner of Great Adventures Travel. She lives and works in beautiful Oro-Medonte and has been in the travel business for years, specializing in group travel, custom travel itineraries, women’s travel and family travel. For more information, call Bonnie at (705) 252-8012 or email Bonnie at bgundert@tpi.ca.